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Complaint: Angie’s list is now FREE. What a joke. This shows you how much is was worth when they charged you to join! Can you believe it was never worth anything! They don’t check out the companies they promote. They only promote companies willing to advertise on their site. What a joke. Do they think consumers are that dumb? Don’t fall for anything on Angie’s list. Fake reviews (never verified). Competitors can post nasty reviews about their competition. Angie – you are a con-artist. Angie – you blew it with Angie’s list. Now you are blowing it with Get off the internet you con-artist. Stop counting on the ignorance of consumers to believe your B.S. on both sites. You’ll say anything for a buck. Lead consumers to the right websites – like the site that actually only allows justified and verified reviews. You are an A** Angie. Nobody is falling for your crap info on your crap websites. You are a menace to the hard work small business owners in this country. How do you look in the mirror and think what you are doing is not considered domestic terrorism? You allow that on your site when you don’t verify anything on there! You are a joke.

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