Angie Sabel Dollison Odessa, Texas Texas


I have been married 17 years my husband decided it was best for him to work in the oil field in Texas. He would come every weekend. He did that for the first 6 months then it changed to every 2 weeks. For a few months then it was 45 days he kept making excuses why he couldn’t come home or why me and the kids couldn’t come there. One day I was cleaning out my 5 year old daughters tablet it was full of games and pics. My husband had linked his email to her tablet. I found pictures of a woman that backed up from his cloud. When I confronted him about it he denied it. 3 weeks later he came home and wanted to buy a harley. We got into a fight about it and all the money he was spending. After he left to head back to work I found emails from this lady. I found her number and asked her about it he told her we were getting a divorce. || My husband has played many mind games with me since April and she has been aware of all of. He has moved in with her and told her he didn’t want a divorce. She is ok being his girlfriend there and me being his wife at home. I’m not ok with that. She is a HOMEWRECKER women like this make me sick.

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By Ronald

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