Angelwings Golden Retrievers Alabama


Complaint: Wow! We went to this breeders house to purchase a puppy this last winter and boy did we ever get fooled. The mother was not but 14 mos old and this breeder said something to us like switching AKC papers. We had no other choice then to leave and what we saw was phenominal at this breeders place. The place is outragous nasty inside and out. Many multiple dogs live in cages litterally cages with chains hanging on them. Water was dirty and all and dog bowl and dishes too. She was an older lady and trying to use religion on us to buy one of her puppies. We had no oher choce to leave and buy a puppy from another breeder. This place and woman need to be shut down. We made a call to county and reported this. Poor dogs have no life at this place.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: 2312 Tom’s Creek Road Marion, North Carolina USA


Phone: 828-724-9246

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By Ronald

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