Angelica Zywick Review


After answering an Ad on CraigsList, I took a room offered in Angelica & Cody for $550 a month. | The first month went by OK, with not much but the usal hick-ups. I have come to relize these two were human Pigs. They had Dishes over flowing the sink, Food un-wrapped and spoiling on the counter. There is just way too much to write but you get the idea. | It can to light during the first month of saty that they were behind in bills and rent, lot’s of mail, Phopne calls they would not answer ect….. | Now when the second month was around the corner (4 days before), I was asked to pay rent for Nov. I had no problem with that so I did, Then on Nov. 2 when I came home from work They slipped a computer typed “Eviction Notice” under my door. When I confronted them about it, they refused to talk about it and Cody then started to make threats. | Now, I told me they had problems with roommates in the past, I now understand why, They keep trying to rip them off. | These two Scammer are Living and preying off of the State (They collect Food Stamps and NOT reporting the income from renting the room, They are collecting from the Housing Dept., because they don’t make enough money for rent. | They are scums and everyone needs to know Angelica Zywick and Cody Barnett are SCAM ARTIST.


Name: Angelica Zywick

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Traverse

Address: 1625 Bay Hill

Phone: 231-883-1082


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