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So this nasty CUNT is my,(now EX) fiance’s baby mom. We have had full custody of my EX’S daughters for 7 YEARS. I have been with him for 9 yrs. I have taken on the mother role for these 2 girls (whom I call MY DAUGHTERS) since they were in diapers. She hasn’t seen or asked to see them in 7 YEARS. || OK so I just find out they have been talking on facebook. My ex using a FAKE fb page his phone number was linked to! So of course I need to open a”case” and investigate! Come to find out, his google maps on his phone has an address in it at least 5 times. Put the address in google, white pages…and ANGELICA RIOS pops up. Bahahahaha CAUGHT!! Of course he won’t admit SHIT. And denies the facebook with his number on it! LMAO || She doesn’t answer my FB messages…She knows damn well we are together and knows I am MOTHER to the children she gave birth to. How sick can a woman be to have 2 kids, lose all rights to them, and then fuck around with their father not caring that she STILL CAN’T SEE HER KIDS?!?! || SICK SICK SICK WOMAN. Thats what she is!!

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By Ronald

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