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Well it all started when this sorry excuse for a woman decided to contact my husband through Facebook. From what I was told he thought she was an old high school friend (same first name) but turns out she was an ex girlfriend. I was still thinking she was the old friend and I started noticing something different…little things like him answering the phone and going to the garage or putting a password on his phone. When I know things were not right was when he closed the door to take a shit and I could hear him checking voicemails…this man hasn’t closed the door to take a shit in our 10 years of being married! We have been together for 13 years total with 2 children. Well I noticed this and asked his cousin who was also Facebook friends with the homewrecker if she calls his cell phone also…he said no and that he hopes I am not overreacting over nothing. Well he told my husband I was snooping…. || The next day when I came home from work he confronted me and seemed overly dramatic and flying off the handle and said over and over he was going to stop talking, texting, and calling her so it wouldn’t be a issue, a few hours later I am at work and this bitch is texting me non stop thanks to Facebook mesenger. At first she seemed polite but then started saying she heard from my husband that he couldn’t talk to her anymore ..because it was making me uncomfortable and insecure..I have never been either in my entire life nor am I a jealous person but something was nagging at me deep down inside..I told her I wasn’t insecure because if he were to loose me and his children that he would loose the best he has ever had in his life…..well this set her off..she started calling me fat and we’ll I got angry and said she was f**king ugly and that shit is permanent and to the bone!…she was telling me my husband met up with this sea donkey behind my back and was insinuating they slept together but would never say it straight out…I confronted him and they planed on meeting but it never happened and never will. She was sending him nude photos and Skype video of her masturbating and he probably did the same …I wouldn’t doubt it …it is more his fault in my mind because he knew he was married to me….he is the one stepping outside our marriage… || Well I took screenshots of our conversation and sent them to her husband…that’s right she is married also…to (removed) from Fontana Ca….my husband swears he never touched her and that it was all for her attention and when he realized she wanted to take it too far coincidentally the same night his cousin told him I suspected something he told her he couldn’t talk to her because he couldn’t risk losing me. Well she kept trying to contact both of us texting non stop we both blocked her and then I sent the info to her husband and this crazy bitch tried again to reach my husband through Skype when we were only a few miles away from Fontana at a family function. So he deleted that too. || Although he supposedly didn’t sleep with her the damage was done…she also by accident was a Facebook friend with my boss…. (her brother is a old friend of my boss) he has never brought it up but unfriended her almost the same day that everything blew up!…I can only imagine what that bitch told my boss… what he did was cheating. He hurt me like I could never explain. ..we are working things out but it is one day at a time…I figure ill give him this chance only after that his ass can go live on the streets for all I care! She of all has the most to lose she has never worked a day in her life and can’t even drive a fucking car so she depends on her husband to do everything for her. So if he ever left her good f**king luck bitch because with that busted face you better buy a paper bag before you hit the corner for work….they have no kids so please feel free to contact him and let him know what type of bitch he married..she is out looking for d**k since he only has one day off a week… || I will say what I have always said. I hope Karma finds you before I do and I will pray for my husband and this hoe they both need Jesus! Either way whatever happened is between them and Jesus..and eventually we all have to face up to our wrong doings….

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