Angelica Cerna – Homewrecker Illinois


This lady came into my brother in law’s house and she slept with my brother in law made him hit rock bottom nd pass away then she started screwing with my exhusband kept harrasing me extremely and broke up our family and after she went on to sleep with her churches pastor after she went on to look for another guy thats in the picture with her and messed up his family aswell to the point that she doesnt let these men see there kids shes a very bad phycopath she beats herself up to blame the men if they try leaving her shes obssive she manipulative and she wants to have contro of everything the men do and takes control of there cellphones and blocks family members of the men that she dont like not only that but she decided to abandoned her two kids to follow men and be free she jump from men to ment every month she destroys family and then hops to the next one BEWARE OF HER SHE HAS NO PITTY She puts anyone down she says her body is a piggy bank that only accepts big quantities of money

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By Ronald

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