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This homewrecker is probably the worst kind of homewrecker! She was lied to by MY HUSBAND and fell for it but never backed off when she found out the truth! In July he left me pregnant and our 2 year old son to be with her. He was back in September and we were supposed to be working things out. I found out that he was still contacting her and still sleeping with her! He moved out again and back in with her at the end of October!! I am still pregnant and about to give birth to a beautiful baby boy!!! || He came home again right before the Holiday’s but things have not gone back to the way they were. Something tells me that he is still seeing her and sleeping with her! No matter how hard I want to move on I can’t imagine my life without him! He is the father of my children and I love him so much!! I don’t really know all the details on how they met or where they met. And the last I heard she was pregnant with his baby!!!!!! She has always rubbed their relationship in my face and I finally have the balls to post her on this website!! The picture above is a picture of her and him. I don’t know her last name because she only has Angela Maree listed on her Facebook.

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By Ronald

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