Angel Malave – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This man is a cheater and a crazy insane human being who is so abusive..He manipulates anyone and everyone including his family into thinking everyone of his ex’s are crazy..He used the hell out of me for years..It was all good as long as I had something he could get from me..He is with a woman who just kicked another man out of her bed, he was in it the next day.. How gross is that..Damn hope she changed the sheets..She is lazy and lives like a pig..But he likes it clean..He drove me nuts with perfection..But he is scared of his little 70 year old hag..She is with him cause she has a face only a dog could bury..She watches crime shows all day and smokes crack by night..But he loves her..OH please he stll loves all his ex’s as well..She will be good enough until he gets bored..He still contacts his ex wife and sends her love messages and says he is coming back cause they are still married..He comes to see me and finds every excuse to still text and call..He has not gotten everything from my home either..But he will..Bet me on that..He is a piece of shit..He is such a liar he can not even tell you the truth about anything..He is lazy as all hell..He does nothing for himself..You have to support him and hold his hand for everything..Hope he gets what he deserves one day..Hope this makes it that no one will ever want anything to do with him..This way he can spend all his days alone..Thanking me for exposeing him in every way possiable..I am tha fed up with this pig..No one is going to rip me apart the way he did and I suffer all those lies he spreads so he can have a life and I have to hang my head.. I am done hanging my head for this piece of shit..

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By Ronald

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