Andrew Pape


We hired Andrew Pape in 2017 to do some small home improvement jobs, he sent a crew out, we were happy and called him again this year for some other small projects. He came himself, gave us the estimate and asked to be paid upfront. Because the job required materials and I was a fool I wrote the check. He came back a few days later, crawled under the house, told us all that was needed, had a glass of tea, visited for an hour or more and said he would be back the following Thursday to do the job. He didn’t show at the agreed upon time so I sent a message. I got no response and knew he was not acknowledging the messages. He then blocked me on social media but not before I was able to get a photo. The next morning I made a public post of what he did and it’s been shared over 800 times and the responses on him keep pouring in.

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By Ronald

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