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Dear Ripoff Readers, nI just wanted to write about a seasonal contractor named of Andrew Jeffrey’s Construction INC. In Lubbock Texas, whose address has been changed to Amarillo Texas. I just used his information from an invoice which was dated 05/18/11. Like any home owner, we found Andrew’s name on the website and called him for a roofing job. It took a while but we managed to make an appointment with to contract our roof and give us an estimate. Keep in mind Andrew never responds to his phone calls. He will call back whenever he wants. His initial response seems professional and he gave us a good offer which seemed reasonable. To make the story short, all of the paperwork was done and the insurance company accepted his bid. We scheduled a time to put the roof on the house. Another note: Andrew subcontracted the roofing job to immigrant workers with the lowest bid. The job was semi good. Our initial contract with Andrew was to put drip edge and 35R tar paper and also insulation tarp for water leakage. The job was completed within 2 days. Andrew once showed up to supervise the job and left and billed us for his work. Andrew was paid in full amount on time. Andrew was supposed to file the paperwork through our insurance company, so we could be reimbursed. Keep in mind, you have to watch Andrew’s work very closely so he won’t undercut some of the construction materials. In our case, he didn’t add the drip edge and also used the old pad from 30 years ago on the roof so he could keep the money for himself and pay the immigrant worked at a minimum amount. Also, he left rolls of roofing material and nails around the house in large stacks. We made every attempt to reach Andrew but to no avail. Just be careful when you hire Andrew to do your Kitchen and roofs or any other construction work. He also marked himself as a 5 star contractor. I believe, Andrew should be ranked as a 1 or 2 star seasonal worker and contractor.

Lubbock, Texas United States of America


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