Andrew Fusco – Master manipulator. Men


This man is a disgusting human being. Every woman he has been with, including the current one, he cheats on. He cheats on previous girlfriends with the next. He defiles them, makes them feel so small and insignificant. Then goes and lays down with the next slore in line. He has had some great women come into his life, just to treat them all like objects to be dispensed whenever he is finished. His behavior stems from his own outward insecurities. No real MAN treats a woman the way he does. They are all puppets for him to play and toy with whenever he chooses. He is the true definition of a homewrecker and life sabotaging a55hole. All of his girlfriends thought they could change his ways, but how can you fix an egotistical low life? Bless the next girl in his life, but honestly she probably deserves his current infidelities since she was probably the other woman just like the rest before her. Good luck with your DRDs.

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By Ronald

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