Andrew Fabrikant


Andrew Fabrikant Inc Bad checks all over south florida Hollywood fl Nationwide!!. This little scumbag liar I met in the building where i use to live and where is actually lives in as right now .. When u meet him first thing will say is not nice to meet You he will say : my family is worth billions i manage part of they re money etc etc i gotta say is very smart to talk and introduce himself is a very good conartist, he told me he i wanna invest in your business im gonna transfer 50k in your acct in next couple of days so i can make my inventory to do buy here pay here business.. I say wow interesting we are open to You.. After couple lf days he started to call me n say i found a bmw 535 2007 for just 5500$ im gonna go and pay him to lock the car and delivery to your shop i have to give them 1800$ down.. Pay me right now your half and we go intoit 50/50 and i gave him 900$ after 2 weeks i keep calling him where is the car? Where is the car? And every single day will make up some new lie like sorry i been busy workin or some other idiot excuse then i ask the money back and he start to lie to me about im not home or im in Ny everyday some new excuse then i run into it and i ll ask him money he took me to his atm he gave me back only 300 and wrote me a check for 550$ , i deposit the check and then the check bounce cuz no founds.. The same situations create to other people around where he lives (((REDACTED)))) Bay Village Fl,

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