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I lost my Pom of 15 years in May so I have been looking for a pom puppy. I found this website They advertise Teacup Pomeranian for 50% off. So I clicked on a puppy for additional information that asked for my cell phone number which I happily gave. That was Wednesday June 26,2019. On Thursday June 27, 2019, about 1 pm I received a text from someone named Andrea about the puppy. I asked all the information I wanted to know and she answered everything with awesome expertise. Right down to the pup would be hand delivered to my door by a Nanny. I received an email next with more explanations on how this all works and questions for me to answer. I sent the email back and the texting started again. We ended with me Paying $200.00 through Google Pay on Friday June 28th 2019. On Saturday June 29th, 2019, I sent "Andrea" a text asking if we could pick the puppy up instead of it being delivered her reply was she had to talk to her husband. Didn’t hear anything for over 24 hours so Sunday June 30 2019 I decided just to research a little bit just to make sure this was legitimate . I googled them and to my horror came up puppy scams and she is on there along with Franks pom pups. So I texted her and asked her to call me. A man called me who barely spoke any English at all. I asked him to face time the puppy and he said he didn’t have face book. So I asked to Skype with the puppy and he started talking in a different language all together so I hung up. I immediately contacted Google Pay for help but don’t know what will happen from here.

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