Anastasia Kaye Johnson Port Richey, Florida Florida


This Whore claims to be a lesbian, and as you can see she looks like one, but don’t let that fool you, she’s a home wrecking whore that fucked my boyfriend and his own father too. I met my boyfriend when I was on the rebound from my divorce . I thought it would be a short term fling, but quickly developed into a serious relationship in which he moved in with me. From the beginning he always said he hated her, as she is the mother of his son. she is a shitty mother too, who has her son around drug addicts (is one herself and has forgotten him at the bus stop 3 or more times because she sleeps all day.(we were called to get him). She’s a compulsive liar, always coming up with some tragedy or another to make us feel bad for her and to dump their kid off for weeks sometimes. || She quickly befriended me and warned me my boyfriend was bad news and I was too good for him. I somewhat listened to her but still we were together well over a year when I found out she and him had been fucking behind my back. She sent him pics of her p***y and said she hoped I would see them. I was mainly supporting this asshole (my boyfriend) the whole time, as he worked sporadically. I would let him use my car, thinking he was just running errands. He is a sweet talker, always telling me what I wanted to hear, how much he loved me and so on. All of his friends said how hot I was and they even told me I was too good for him. Everything was going good in bed and ok in the relationship. Every time we had to talk to her because of visting with his son she would pull some shit and he would reiterate what a scumbag she was. She had me convinced she was a nice lesbian with a girlfriend and he was a jerk and I had nothing to worry about with them romanticlly in the future. She said she hated him and would never be with him again. We went over to her house (she lives with his father) and hung out, I gave her advice, felt sorry for her and believed her sob stories. She even came to my house several times, always inviting herself. She got so drunk one day when she came to go swimming in my pool she couldn’t even get herself dressed and I found him in my bathroom with her naked. I immediately started hitting and kicking him and told that drunk whore to get the fuck out. He said he tried to call for me to help her get dressed and he was just trying to get her out of our house, so was trying to help her get dressed. Like an idiot I halfway believed him. I suspected he had feelings for her all along since you can’t hate someone if you don’t still have feelings for them right? || Well a couple months go by and we are all buddy / buddy supposedly. Then one day he got mad at her for some reason and she yells out”if you don’t stop yelling at me I’ll tell Jessica (me) about our 3, no 4 little secrets” . I immediately called her and she confessed that he and her had sex 4 times over the last month or so . Once in the living room while her son and girlfriend were in the other room and once in my car, in the garage and in his dads truck in the driveway. Apparently they couldn’t control themselves and just fucked wherever they were at the time. I still have to drive that car and it makes me sick. Each time he was with her he and I were still living together and had sex every day. That means he would come home from being with that nasty whore and be with me. I am so disgusted I am sick to my stomach thinking about it. Of course he denied it, then admitted to once, then fessed up to the 3 times. || I am so hurt that he would cheat on me after all I have done for him and with the likes of that ugly horse face bitch. I then found out from his father that she and him had also had sex on a couple of occasions. how sick is this bitch?? She begged me for forgiveness and so did he. The sad thing is I am an attractive, intelligent woman that constantly gets asked out by nice men and I am still with this scumbag. I don’t trust him at all and just need to get away from him and her and their Jerry Springer family. I don’t know why I am with him. Please don’t insult me, any suggestions on how to get over him and forget about him and move on would be helpful. Warning_ this whore is not a real lesbian and will fuck anything that moves. Weather its man, woman or father EWWWW. Stay away from Anastasia Kaye Johnson- whore, drug addict, negligent mother and home wrecker.

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By Ronald

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