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Well I find out on 2/28/14 that my husband of 7 years was living a double life… Me and my husband went to a party on a Saturday and Sunday morning he left the house to take the dog out for a walk and he left his cell phone behind and I grabbed his cell phone to look at pictures of my son who just turned two… The pictures that he had in his phone were pics of my son from when he was born…so I went through his camera roll on his iPhone and seen a pic of a lady and I thought to myself”what the heck””who the hell is this”?? So I told my self to calm down and what I did was set that picture as a wallpaper on his phone so whenever he looked at the time the picture would be set as a background… I did it because I wanted to see if he would say anything to me and explain to me who was the girl in that picture??? But the day went by and nothing so later that night I asked him who the girl in the picture was and his reaction was not what I expected… He was nervous, mumbling, and almost as if he was trying to avoid the conversation and he just started bringing up stuff that did not pertain to the conversation… So I told him what the f**k is going on? He said nothing this guy at work told me to go on Facebook and send him a picture of this lady that he likes and I forgot to earase it.. I said what? Why would you do that and not tell me? I’m your wife, your best friend? He just looked at me and that look was a look of like”f**k” this doesn’t look good so I knew something was going on and that I had to look into it… || Me and my husband met when I was 15 and he was 18… I am 30 and he is 34… I know him and I know his values and he was not raised a way to disrespect me… So this is very disappointing for me because my family and I thought very highly of him. Anyhow… The next day I look at his phone record and I noticed that for a year and a half he has been calling and texting this number at least 10x or more throughout the day… And you can imagine my reaction as to what the f**k??? He is suppose to be working all day and he is calling this number and this number has been calling him since 4am until 7 or 8pm??? Where the heck have I been?? So I did some research to try to find out who’s number that was and sure enough I found out that it belonged to a girl he worked with… She is also married and has a 5yr old son… This bitch worked with my husband! She would call him at 4am to wake my husband up talk to him on his way to work and see him for 8hrs and call him after she got off work at 3pm and he would call her after got off work at 6pm?? And throughout the day they would text each other… So I asked myself where the f**k was I??!?? So I was outraged, pissed, angry, in fumes, ballistic, etc… || I confronted my husband and asked that he tell me everything and all he said was that he was extremely sorry and that he regrets what he did and that’s when he told me he did have sex with her in his car one time. This bitch had the nerve to tell my husband that she got into an argument with her husband and that she was upset and needed someone to talk to so this nasty whore asked my husband if they can meet at a park near by so that they can talk and my stupid husband went!! He went to the park where she gave him the address because my husband is not familiar with the area because we live an hour away from where he worked. He went and they had sex in his car. I asked him a million questions… And he answered a few.. So I went to that bitches house because I thought that her husband had the right to know what happened but when I went to his house she had already told him her side of the story which was a bunch of bull shit lies! I wanted to kill that bitch but I couldn’t and that bitch knew I couldn’t lay one hand on her because I was on her property and she could of have called the cops on me and send me to jail which I did not want because I could have easily spent one or two nights without my son… That wasn’t happening! She is not worth not seeing my son for two nights! So I let that bitch have it and left and I told her I would never stop making her life miserable until the day I die! || She knew I existed she knew all about me and she didn’t care… After I found out about this I found out that my husband was not the only person she had sex with… She also had already had some type of sex relationship with another guy that still works there… I got a hold of that guys number and I called him. I wanted to know if it was true? Why! Because I wanted to know if he had used protection because according to my husband the bitch knew what she was going for (she got off work went home took a shower cleaned herself up really nice and showed up at the park like she was going to dance on a strip club)and she showed up without using protection… My husband went to a near by gas station and bought condoms.. So the other guy said no he did not use protection and freaked out on me over the phone so sure he went to go get checked out afterwards. Till this day her family and her friends believe her and I want them to know that she is a lying nasty whore!

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