Amy Wong, Department of Children and Family Services los angeles California


Complaint: Editoru2019s Note: We thank our users for considering Ripoff Scams as a source for information and providing warnings to the general public. That being said, sometimes, after a review of the text, our team will determined that the content filed by an author appears to be serious in nature and therefore questionable and, as such, the Report is placed on hold for further investigations prior to publishing OR is otherwise flagged after publication and is placed into a Review Bin. If and when Reports are flagged for these types of issues, especially when there are specific serious criminal allegations, we may, as we did here, try to follow up with the Author of the Report to obtain more information. Our Terms of Service require that information posted be truthful and not defamatory and we are in no position to determine what information is true or false (we are not a trier of fact); the author affirms the truth of a posting prior to posting. We understand that allegations made by an author may very well be true, and we respect an authoru2019s right to Free Speech, but in order for the information to be published once it has been flagged, or for the information to be later (((REDACTED))) once flagged after prior publication, Ripoff Scams may ask the author to provide some form of explanation or documentation to support certain allegations in their positing (WE DO NOT FACT CHECK EVERYTHING IN A REPORT u2013 ONLY CERTAIN FLAGGED MATERIAL u2013 ADDITIONAL CONTENT NOT REDACTED MAY BE TRUE OR MAY BE FALSE). Depending on the circumstances, if the author fails to respond or timely provide adequate notification, at the sole discretion of Ripoff Scams, the Report may be considered u201cincompleteu201d and may not be approved or may be (((REDACTED))) to remove the serious allegations from the Report. In other instances an Author may have responded, standing behind their Report, but the documentation provided may not support all of the specifically questioned allegations. Redactions below may be due to the authoru2019s failure to adhere to our Terms of Service and/or because the author failed to timely respond with an appropriate response to our inquiry and/or because only certain questioned information was supported by documentation. CONSUMERS: It is always encouraged that you do additional research, from credible sources, before making any decisions on whether or not you want to do business with a named individual(s) or businesses. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Amy Wong, an Asian female and social worker with Department of Children and Family Services in Santa Clarita, California has been found to be (((REDACTED))) Amy Wong has (((REDACTED))). These (((REDACTED))), by Amy Wong, have taken place over the course of about one year, since the year 2013. (((REDACTED))) The Department of Children and Family Services has declined to comment.

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 28490 Avenue Stanford Santa Clarita, CA 91355 santa clarita, California USA



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