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In May of 1997, I came to AR to visit my sister for a while and that’s when I met my husband. He and my sister worked for the same company and we clicked immediately. I was 18 and he was 17 and for me It was love at first sight. We spent every minute together and our relationship progressed quickly. On October 1, 1997, my husband’s 18th birthday, we were engaged and a little over a month later we found out I was pregnant. We were married in December and everything seemed to be perfect. A few years passed and we had an argument and I decided to leave, during our 3 month split my husband started hanging out with some people and that’s when he began using drugs. It’s been a nightmare since. || In 2003, there was an argument between my husband and a family member. My husband had charges filed against him and was incarcerated. At that time, I made the decision to move back to Indiana and file for a divorce. I stopped all communication between the two of us. Months went by and I had moved on and was seeing someone. My now, ex-husband, had got out and started contacting me about our daughter. After he found out I was seeing someone, he decided he would do the same same and that’s where Amy came in the picture. || We both were in relationships for a while and eventually they both ended. We stayed in touch because of our daughter but started talking about getting back together. I drove down a few times to check if what he said was the truth and everything seemed fine. || In March 2009, we were remarried. Shortly after that we found out I was pregnant with our second child. I gave birth to our daughter in 2010 and had to have a c-section. Well right after she was born, my husband took off and I couldn’t understand why. Now at this point he had never cheated (or so I thought) so I had no reason to suspect he was cheating. A week after our daughter was born his mom told me what was going on and even helped me catch him leaving her house. I found out my husband had been messing with her my whole pregnancy and was with her the day our daughter was born. || She knew I was pregnant and that we had remarried and still continued the relationship with my husband. I know my husband is to blame as well but she could have said NO. || My husband relapsed on drugs and he ended up back in jail and this time I stayed. I was determined to make our marriage work. We decided to move to OK and see if we could start fresh. I thought if he was away from the b.s. he would finally get it together. Yeah right! My husband told me he got a job but he would be traveling. He started taking me to work and would drive to Ozark to see this bitch. I started getting suspicious after a few weeks passed and no paycheck was brought home. I confronted him and we fought and he went to his sister’s house to stay. A few days later his sister calls and tells me to get over there that my husband was with Amy at her house. I drive to Ozark and sure enough I catch her in bed with him. I lose it at this point and start kicking her ass and she’s still yelling nothing was going on. Lmao, really! || After all that happened, I decided I had enough and I filed for divorce. My soon to be ex-husband is back in jail and trying his hardest to get me to stay but I’m done for good. Amy is pregnant by another guy who just so happens to be my husband’s friend. She still writes him and she says he tells her they are getting married when he gets out but if I ever take him back he would go. How can anyone have such low self-esteem? I hope that if you’re in the Ozark area and run into this girl that you turn and run as fast as you can. This has changed me in so many ways that I doubt I’ll ever get married again.

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