Amy Meade Clark Woodsfield, Ohio Ohio


Let me start by saying this whore is the lowest, scum on earth. I have been trying for a while to post skank on here so hopefully it works this time. I met my husband in 2011 and everything happened so fast that we really didn’t get a chance to know each other before we were married. It was love at first sight for both of us or at least I thought it was. The first few months everything was good and then the lies started..little ones at first then just became a habit for him I guess. Things became rocky and financially we were having trouble so we decided to pick up and move to Ohio to be near his family (at the time we lived in AR). Biggest mistake of my life. || Fast forward to 2013. My husband started working for a timber company in Woodsfield Oh and that’s where he met Tony (Amy’s husband). At first, I didn’t really hang out with her or him till my husband and Tony became really good friends and started hanging out more..They started coming over on weekends and playing poker and just hanging out..well I started to talk to Amy more and more. We became really good friends or at least I was her friend (she was just plotting). December of 2013 my husband was put in jail and that was a really hard time for me, financially and mentally. I found out that my husband had been seeing another woman, also from Woodsfield (a whole different story) and I started confiding in Amy about what was going on. Big mistake on my part!!! Well, in April of 2014, the charges were dropped on my husband and he was released from the county jail. A few weeks passed and I started noticing how much Dale wanted to go to her house and hang out and then he would tell me he was going over there while I was working by himself and her husband wasn’t there, which was a big No, No!! I just started getting suspicious because the things i was telling her, my husband would come back and tell me things I had told her and asked to keep it between me and her. || One weekend I had decided to go out to the bar with some friends from work and I asked my husband to go with me but he said he was tired and I should go have fun, so I did. I ended up getting really drunk that night and sometime during the night Amy and my husband had ended up at the bar with us so they took me home. Well, the next day I woke up and went to work and I get a text from her saying, I’m sorry but I slept with Dale last night (yup, in my own f**king house, while I was passed out). Well, long story short I went to hunt them both down and ended up getting charges filed on me and my husband went back to jail for a parole violation in AR, so that’s where he is now. I did leave his ass and I moved back to AR and to this day he still tries to get me to work things out but that’s over with. I’m done with lying, cheating, no good men. || As far as that nasty bitch Amy Clark, apparently she’s still in search of more marriages to ruin. I am talking to an ex friend of her’s, as we speak, who tells me the exact same story about how Amy has tried to ruin her marriage but lucky for her she has a husband who isn’t a dog. She also has informed me of 3 other married men she’s slept with in the past few weeks..Better get your asses checked for a STD, that bitches p***y is rotten by now. Ladies of the Woodsfield and surrounding areas, hold on tight to your man when this hoe is around because she is deceitful and is on a mission to ruin as many marriages as she can. She’s a lonely, desperate kinda bitch. I’m not a beauty queen but I’m not desperate enough to go around sleeping with married men and trying to rip husbands away from their families. Take care of your 6 kids and stop being a hoe. Karma’s gonna get you and I hope I’m around to see it when she does.

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By Ronald

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