Amy Marciniak Fletcher – Dundalk, Maryland Maryland


This 44 year old hag is the manager of a Planet Fitness and approached my significant other about workout information because he is built and knows what he’s doing. Next thing I know, I’m finding out that they are sleeping together. She is 10 years his senior. Has 2 grown kids, yet feels the need to try to move in on my family. I’ve watched his other 2 kids for the last yr and a half, not to mention, did all the stuff a family would do. Now she comes in and is trying to do all of those things…vacations, farms, haunted houses, etc etc. She had her time with her two kids, now leave my family alone. I understand it takes two to tango, however she knew and has known about me for a while now, and yet, she continues to pursue. What a wonderful manager this person is…I wonder how many other clients she s slept with. It doesn’t pay to be a how and I pray that Karma gets her sooner rather than later. Fyi, if you’re a female, watch out for your men that like to workout that they’re not approached and pursued upon by trifling old hag like this.

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By Ronald

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