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This happened 2 years ago and I finally decided to post. So I’ve my ex husband introduced me to this girl shortly before we got married and she seemed nice enough. She was married and had a couple of kids and was an old girlfriend from Jr High. They didn’t work out because he was from the wrong side of the tracks and she was very money driven. Over the span of our 8 year marriage he kept in contact with her and so did I. We got along great. Well, fast forward to 2013 and he and I are talking about having kids and buying our house. He had a great job working in the oilfield and we were just peachy. She on the other hand, wasn’t doing as well. She had cheated on the father of her children , left him for someone else, became engaged to him and then shortly after that ended. Then she had a car wreck and became engaged to another person. Mind you, this is all in a span of 6 months to a year. || Well my ex decides let’s go visit our home town, we go to Houston and visit with his family for a few days. Then suddenly let’s go visit Amy. So we do. Well she pulls up with her ex(father of her kids) and all seems peachy. She hugs me, we hang out, drink tequila etc.She tells me about the different men she’s met on dating sites and how they buy her things. The next morning we go back to his dads house. Well suddenly I catch him texting her at all hours of the night. He swears it’s nothing. We visit with my family and tells them how we’re buying a house about to start having babies etc. Well we go back home and I start to notice he’s suddenly distant. He’s ugly with me, hiding his phone, running off to do things, etc. I’m also noticing strange posts on her Facebook that imply she’s seeing someone and things are gonna change soon and if you love me then you’ll leave. Well a week to the day after he comes home from work, we walks in. Tells me he doesn’t love me anymore and he wants a divorce. Just like that. I ask him,”Is it someone else?” he says no. That he’s just not happy. I begged him, I cried I pleaded on my knees for him to stay. He just kept saying no. He left me with 4,000 dollars a month in bills, no job, 150 dollars and over 900 miles away from the closest family member. Well he left. I call our friends and tell them what happened. I later find out from his Driller that he’s been on the phone all hitch. I never called him at work because he’s usually busy and its very dangerous work. So, I check his phone records. I see phone calls and text messages to her number practically 24/7. She blocks me from Facebook, and I know what has happened. He left me for her. I got a job and tried to make ends meet. He had me served with divorce papers at work. He then shows up at our home later that afternoon and tells me he still loves me and that he’s sorry. But that its been going on for a while(before our Houston trip) and he fell in love with her again. He also went around telling everyone I was a cheater ( never did) and he wanted kids but I was too fat to get pregnant ( I now have a daughter and a son on the way, he recently got her pregnant) || Well he married her June 16 2014. Now he’s playing daddy to her kids. She’s only interested in his money. The minute he can’t pull in that cash I promise, she’ll be gone. Beware of who you let close to your marriage. He left everything for a piece of trash with 3 kids. Oh and Amy, if you’re reading this he has left me once before for another woman. If he left me for you, all that means is your whore spot is open. You’re such a rig rat. You only wanted him because I built him up in to the man he is today.

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