Amy Jean Bertoncini Wake Forest, North Carolina North Carolina


My Husband and I met while in college, almost 10 years ago. We have no children and just one dog. Both of us are educated, hard-working and come from 2-parent homes. From the early onset of our relationship we have built a family together, despite the bumps in the road. || But this classless individual, Amy Jean Bertoncini, age 33 decided to make our marriage even more difficult. In today’s society there are enough electronic and social media distractions …but a live Jezebel takes the cake. || I have been around Amy on more than one occasion. See, Amy and my Husband use to be coworkers. Many days/nights I would come pick up my Husband from work or attend one of their staff functions. It’s amazing how a thoughtless hoe can look at you, smile in your face, acknowledge how great your Husband is ….and months/years later get to experience just how great he is. || I mean I am baffled, offended and disgusted by her actions. On one occasion I asked her outright if she was trying to court my Husband. Not only does she deny that she has feelings for him, that they are bonding more and more..but she convinces my Husband to believe I am harassing her for trying to nip it in the bud before anything begins. But nooooo my feelings/gut feeling is disregarded by my Husband. || Fast forward to 2015, I find out that sometime supposedly after 2010 and before late 2013 they screwed. Not only did they screw, the screwed hardcore…dick sucking, dress up, and all. I found emails between the two of them where they admit how much they miss one another’s presence and the sex!!!!!! || WTF…you miss the sex with this ugly ass BITCH?? She looks fucking sickly… as if she just got over god’s knows what. This trifling bitch is nothing special. AT ALL. She’s not terribly educated, dresses like a hobo and looks sick. Who the fuck would want her??? I suppose my Husband was just that unhappy or gone. || I try to speak with her like a rationale woman. However, she yet again paints me out to be the bad person. I have never been so frustrated and disrespected. SHE IS A DUMB ASS HOE that frankly should feel humiliated. How does this to someone’s family?????????? My Husband was that… my family? She managed to weasel her ugly ass between us and I am blown. || She is a criminal and a slut. If you live in NC, PA, or Indiana especially BEWARE. I mean really, she likes to attack couples who are new to one another (recently married). Her m.o. is to always go to the guy for relationship advice and well before you know she is sending him inappropriate pictures. || I don’t wish evil on anyone. But you, Amy Jean Bertonicini are the worse type of person. You told me,” I apologize if for some reason I am a cause of that strain”. Are you really that perplexed or fucking stupid to not realize, internalize how and why you have caused strain in our relationship???? || Well, bitch you have. And if you ever want to clear any air with me you know how to contact me. None of my personal information has changed. And better yet I plan to continue to visit NC so perhaps we will see each other then.

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By Ronald

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