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I have known the father of my kids since we were in middle school, when we started dating on and off again. We now have 3 amazing kids. I have known Amy since I was 17, so ten years now. We actually met because we lived together in a wilderness, behavioral treatment programs for about 2 years. I considered her one of my absolute best friends. The type of friend that you can tell anything to and each of you comes running when the other one needs you. I shared with her that Brandon had been cheating on me with a young girl named Constance (a story for another day). Apparently, that affair had been going on for 2 years (according to her) or 2 months (according to him). Either way, at this point I was 8 months pregnant with our 3rd child, our first girl. || Amy came and picked me up (so Brandon wouldn’t recognize my car) and took me to try to catch him with Constance, while my sister watched my boys at home. We were unsuccessful so we went back home and she comforted me while I whined about being betrayed. About a month later, (I was still with him), I checked his phone bill online and discovered that I could view picture messages he had received. To my surprise, Amy had sent him a picture of her daughter. First off, I couldn’t figure out why she had his number. Second, why was she sending him pics of her daughter. I even considered the possibility that her daughter could be Brandon’s child. I asked him about it and he claimed he had never seen the pictures and had no idea what I was talking about. I asked her about it and she said that she had been to our neighborhood and met a guy (that wasn’t Brandon) and got his number, and that number turned out to be Brandon’s. Well after intense interrogation, Brandon admitted that he had slept with Amy, but claimed only once. He concocted some story about her bf using her phone, and somehow or another she got Brandon’s number, one thing led to another. He says he went to her apartment and had sex with her while her daughter was in the next room. She, of course, denied the whole thing. || However, months later I found one FB message from her to him saying”R U kidding?” I still don’t know what the truth is. But she became very nasty with me on the phone and I told her never to speak to me again. I saw her in the store (on my bday of all days) and she tried to be nice to me! However, rumor has it she is strung out on drugs and will do anything to get them. Maybe she was just too high to remember the situation. But the moral of the story is: Don’t tell your best friends that your man is a cheater because they just might decide to try him out!

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