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Complaint: Ampco Parking Services just gave me a parking ticket for nonpayment of $2.00. The fee for the parking on this particular lot was $1.50. I called with explanation but all I got was a voicemail, saying to submit complaint in writing and someone will get back to me in 14 business days. Needless to say 20 business days later I was not contacted by anyone. I called and left the voicemail asking for status- nobody called me back… Just a few days ago I received a letter from their corporate office, which read that I failed to pay $3 for parking on this one given day, and if I do not pay they may sue me. Well guess what- I am looking forward to it, with a nice countersuit- since everything is documented. Of course being the nice person I explained to them that they cannot post $1.50 fee and expect people to pay $2.00, hopefully one of them has half of a brain and will understand what another attempt to collect on that may mean on my part. Joanna aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.

Tags: Parking Garages

Address: 621 17th Street Ste 600 Denver, Colorado U.S.A.


Phone: 303-3080385

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