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Ammar Jawed Candid Marketing, MareEssentials, ICA Deals, Century Design, Inc. Ammar uses stolen identities, his stepchildren’s identities, and any means possible to steal whatever money he can get his filthy hands on. Arcadia California!!. Ammar owes me tens of thousands of dollars. He tried to give me his wife’s car, which she had no knowledge of, in lieu of payment. He re-negotiated the amount he owed me a dozen times, but each time pulled one or another type of wire fraud to avoid making the payment. I’ve seen him do the same to dozens of vendors, and he is illegally using my name as a reference to prevent others from catching on to his multi-layered fraudulent schemes. If you believe Mr. Jawed is telling the truth about basically anything at all, I can tell you after years of experience with him and unfortnuately having worked with him, and ultimately being a victim of his, he is lying. If you have any inkling at all that Ammar is lying, he is lying. If he is breathing in your presence, I would strongly urge you to consider that he is lying. Mr. Jawed not only stole thousands from me, but he lied to me to use my services to steal thousands from others as well.

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