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Complaint: I purchased a car from these guys on the 2nd of this month (May 2013)u2026.I just got it serviced to find out there is an engine leak and transmission leaku2026.I was driving home from work one night and all of a sudden car would not accelerate a day after I spent money to get it servicedu2026.I called amigos where I purchased the car and explained the situation to the companyu2026.I told them about what I discovered on vehicle as well as me not having the car long enough to make the first paymentu2026.I was first asked could I use my own insurance to have it towedu2026.My reaction was hell no, I refuse to use my insurance and I havenu2019t had this product for a monthu2026.They then told me that they can have it towed but the towing fees and shop fees will be added on to my balanceu2026.I was furious at this point, I understand they are a buy here pay here lot but no one should be responsible for a u201cnewu201d car that has broke down two weeks after purchasing itu2026I asked the car salesman had the car been in a wreck, his reply was nou2026..Can someone explain to me why I have srs and airbags lights on like Iu2019ve wrecked the caru2026..Sound like a good case of Car Fraud!! Please, I repeat, Please donu2019t waste your time or money with these guysu2026Also this car was over price about 3,000 over the blue book valueu2026.They sold me this car at 9,000 and it was valued at 5,800….U can have good customer service but if you are selling trash it will catch up with you very fast!! Whenever some one writes a review please make sure you pay close attention to it….They have a lot of FAKE reviews that were not helpful to me at all and now that I’m looking back over the reviews I should have really paid attention to them before buying this car out of their junk yard!!

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Address: 4474 Buford Hwy NE Chamblee, Georgia USA


Phone: (678) 547-9906

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