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I have all my attempts at reaching Seller AMI via e-mails, call logs, and faxes well documented and can provide them all for you. AMI has not responded in any way, shape, or form to my repeated, and I do stress the word Repeated, attempts to contact. I have tried NUMEROUS times to contact their company. The Service number is a joke- in case of someone miraculously picking up the line after waiting eons, they hang right up. Even their “Holy”” 626-336-7171 ex.112 to their “”Service Manager”” Jessica does not work! Says mail box is full. I have called for 7 days in a row with no luck! Forget about e-mailing- they don’t respond- Fax …ha! I placed my order 11/25/2010. They have not even processed my order yet! Their website states it usually takes 2 business days for processing and 5-7 days for ground shipping. It is well beyond the time boundary they have imposed. Upon further investigation I have found numerous complaints about this company with people having the same problems as myself

all of whom had to fight to get their money back for items not being sent. They have been reported several times to the BBB and other complaint boards. They have taken $214.22 from me and my order has not been processed yet alone shipped! I tried posting a question on their Face Book page since all my other attempts at contact proved useless. Funny

within minutes my comment was deleted and I was blocked from responding furthermore. This is a SCAM company and I will fight till the end to get my money back from these THIEVES! I sure wish I would have looked at the online reviews for the sorry excuse of a business before ordering from them. Never in all my years of online shopping have I had any problems such as with this rotten company!!!!”

14426 Bonelli Street city of industry, California United States of America


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