AMF Brothers Granite Marble lockport Illinois Review


I am very disappointed with AMF. First off, they missed our first appointment for an appraisal which I took off work for. Well we finally got the appraisal done a week later and it was a great price-$2400 for our kitchen countertops. My wife and I were very excited. We never had anything that nice before. They sent 2 workers a week later to install. This was a remodel so the house was completely bare, meaning no appliances. They installed the countertops, about 8 hrs of work. Everything looked good to me. Well a month down the road I tried putting my stove in, didn’t fit. They forgot to make the countertops flush with one cabinet side. There is a 1/4 inch over hang that should not be there. Keep in mind this is a standard stove, standard size. They messed up and forgot to shave off one side. I called AMF, spoke to Andrew and set up a time in the middle of the week. He said it had to be in the morning. I took time off work for this. I called that day to confirm; everything seemed good. They didn’t show. I called at 6pm; Andrew said they forgot to mark it on the calendar. This happened 4 more times, they came up with excuses everytime- Work Truck broken down, to no work in the area. Andrew actually stopped taking my calls, giving me his brother Mark’s number. Both stopped even answering their phones. Nice customter service, not!!! I was completely nice each call, hoping they’d return the favor. Do not be suckered in by AMF’s low price. Now I am a week and 1/2 moved in with a stove in the middle of my kitchen. Looking for a granite company to fix their mistake. More money down the drain. I saved nothing. AMF Brothers Granite is horrible with customer service. This is their location! Do not use these guys. They just want your money and they are done with you. :o( AMF 1119 Zygmunt Circle Westmont, Il 60559

1119 Zygmunt Circle, Westmont, Il 60559 Internet United States of America



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