Ametron Venice California Review


Some people on this site report being ripped off by tens of thousands of dollars, so my story here is no more than an anecdote – but the conclusion is the same: never shop here. nI call these people asking them for a specific little mixing device – I’ll spare you the technical details here. They say they’ve got what I need and the price is around 100$. nSo, I get in my car and get out there. An hour of terrible traffic later, I finally pull up to the store. The guy behind the counter, who looks like he’s about 14, looks confused and intimidated. Am I scary? He’s about to piss his pants, can’t find the said item, and generally doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He says: “I can’t help you

only Bob can.”” So I wait for bob. While I’m waiting

I ask the kid: do you have any wireless headphones? He says: “”you mean


for listening?”” Forget it

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By Ronald

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