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We signed up to inquire about Trump Care, and this person called. Actually several times a day. I know we should have just known that was a red flag. But I was desperate to get get health coverage. They offered this group plan only if you are a member of ACUSA. They asked a few questions, then got back with a great quote. They went over the coverages and then asked for a credit card. I complied after e-signing a few documents. The agent sent us a summary email. And then we got a confirmation email from Liberty Health which the plan was under. I got a bad feeling, after researching more about America’s Health Providers and could not find the business it hit me. I got scammed. I immediately cancelled my credit card. The company uses other similar logos linked to similar sounding companies. They were careful, and did not ask for a social security number which is usual when applying to insurance.

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By Ronald

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