America’s Best Contacts & Eye Glasses Libertyville IL Review


The first time I visted America’s Best was a little over five years ago. I had an appointment sacheduled for 2:00pm and finally saw the Dr. for the exam at 4:30pm. nAfter I saw the Dr . I was told to eait to pick out glasses and contacts. I waited for almost one hour while people who came out of the exam afer me were helped. When I approached the desk to ask how much longer I was going to wait I was treated rudely. Then the person looked for my file and finally found it at the bottom of some other paperwork. No apology was offered. nI should have walked out then and there and never went back but because of there cheap prices I was convinced by another staff member (who did apologize for the wait and gave me a free bottle of contact solution) to purchase the five year contract. nIn every subsequent visit I encountered either rudeness, inconvenience, or some other form of inefficient or unsafe business practice. I was lied to more than once and told that my order was ready for pickup only to arrive at the store to find that it was not. I was given the wrong contacts and told that another person with the same name and birthdate was given mine? I received a pair of glasses that had one correct lens and the other instead of a -2.75 had a +2.75. They consistently tried to raise the prices on my contacts even though the contract I had purchased stipulated the price (thank God I saved the paper). However, I am convinced that since I was paying such a low price they were intentionally tryng to drive me away with their poor service. nAs a last ditch effort I decided to order contacts from their website before my contract expired. That was one and a half weeks ago. As far I can tell my contacts have not been shipped and noone can tell me when or where the hold up is. I have sent 2 emails and 2 phone calls. I am ready to cancel the order and go have another exam somewhere else. nNot only will I never return to America’s Best but I am making a point of sharing my terrible expereinces with any one who will listen. They obviously do not care about their reputation. nCraignLibertyville Illinois Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Americas Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Mundelein, Illinois U.S.A.

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