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The law office I work in mysteriously received a package containing a WWS American Business Index. No one in our office opened the package because we didn’t know where it came from and we didn’t order this. Enclosed there was an invoice in the amount of $399.95 for the Index book and two year listing in Business to Business. (whatever that is). The invoice also listed our receptionist as the purchaser. n After speaking with our receptionist about this situation she explained to us that someone from American Solution Information called and asked if we wanted to renew our account with American Solution Information and receive our free index book. Since the book was free and we were apparantly renewing our subscription our receptionist agreed. n Upon receiving numerous faxed invoices I finally decided to call this god awful company and inquire about the matter. They completely twisted and turned words to make it seem as if they never said anything about a previous contract or a free book. There is no way anyone in this law firm is paying a dime to American Solution Information. They are bogus. They are dirty and sad enough they are making money off people who don’t take the time to investigate what they are saying yes to. n Please do not be a victim of this fraudulous company. If they send you a book and an invoice send them the book back with a note attached with two simple words…’Sue Me’. That’s what I did. nTumekanMemphis, TennesseeU.S.A.

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