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In 2009 excited to be a new homeowner I set out to find where my daughter and I were going to call home. After searching several communities we landed in Deepointe, Jacksonville, Florida. We bought our home through a private owner who at the time had warned me about how horrible the management was with their bookkeeping and to keep close records on my invoices as well as payment history. I began this practice from day one and have kept a constant log of all monies paid to ARC. Upon closing I saw exactly what this gentleman meant. The community informed me he was over three grand in debt to them. They told me I would have to pay his debt being the new owner. Upon contacting the seller he went to management with his records and was able to prove he was not in the rear and did not owe them one single cent. Let me go back by saying prior to our buy myself and my father went out spoke to neighbors trying to get a feel for the residents and the community as a whole. Even went as far as to sit late night in the driveway to see if it showed a different side once the street lights came on. For the most part it was a quite community. nSince moving into Deerpointe I feel as though it is hell on earth. Since living here I have heard of the mutliple murders that have taken place within the community. The house next to me was set on fire (arson) while the owner was gone out of state over 48 hours. My three year old daughter was sexually assaulted in the front yard. The community bought the home from the 16 year old boys family that assaulted my daughter. Giving them an easy out and a good reference for their next residence I approached them about buying my home (as the victim) and was told NO. They do not understand even two years later my daughter is now five still remembers this incident and has night terrors. We are still in the same community as the perverts family (cousins) who took my daughters innocence and have to pass their home daily as there is only one way in and one way out. Since then ALOT of thing have happen in the community unfortunately I try not to dwell on them so this report is NOT the full story. I have a biracial child and one of the people they moved in was from a redneck part of florida came and bashed out my boyfriends tale lights. Now I know this was not something within their control however, I feel they could screen their residents better. Shortly after this incident I got an email notification on a Sunday that a pedophile had moved in our neighbor hood. I contacted emergency maintence and the regional manager to tell me there was nothing myself or my neighbors could do they would handle it the next business day and do not post flyers. It took a few days we do not know if he is out of the community due to his parents owning the home. His address has changed in the Pedophile watch website. nRecently…. There was a pizza delivery man robbed with a shotgun right by my house, cars are being shot, homes and cars are being broken into, lawn mowers, cars and children bikes are being stolen etc… My car was stolen from my driveway two sundays ago. After this there was a shoot out involving 30 teens and young adults. A bullet missed my daughters head by only a few feet and went into the side panel of the vehicle she was standing in front of. Not even a week later as I am looking out my window this past weekend I see a teenager jumping on my neighbor seven year old daughters bike and taking off throwing the helmet. I have gone to management several times they keep saying that they are going to put security in place and more cameras. Our street is the darkest on the block and all neighbors have requested they replace the bulb in our light they tell us this isn’t their responsibility but the local electric companies. All residence on our street have called electric company with no luck. This should not be our responsibility the office needs to follow up on this. The office has yet to address the community as a whole via letter or meeting as to what is being done for our protection. After the (thursday evening) shooting I spoke to the office for them to say they were not contacted. Later in the conversation she tells me only one call was made to emergency maintence. Forgetting she just told me that there was no contact made by the community to them. This should have been all it took for this is the only number we have available to us for after hours. I know better though, my neighbor did have the regional manager personal cell and contacted him. He asked if anyone was shot or killed we could not answer that for there was still an investigation underway. He then ended the call. After my car was stolen I called the office to report it. A man in the office said he would have me a new mailbox key the following day since it happened on a Sunday. This was not done till Thursday. On Sunday in our conversation he said he would speak to the manager about helping me with my rent. I was due to start a fulltime job the following day across town and my daughter was starting Kindergarten. A week and half later after me reaching to the office on multiple occasions and going in physically after work I was told that it would be like someones home getting broken into and them replacing stolen TVS. THey will not help me on my lot rent nor will they wave the late fees. I may be close minded but I do not feel that is the same. My daughter has to get to and from school and I need to get to and from work (it took me over a year to find this job) the bus system does not come out that far. A shuttle does and it just was not adequate for our needs. With that said I made the decision to rent a car. I am basically working for free just to keep my job for when this passes us. It is not like I am using one of their dwellings just a lot and if I had it my way that lot would be empty. I will not sell to a family because as a Christian I refuse to put another family through this. Since the recovery of my stolen car that was involved in a hit and run and I have a great description from an eyewitness I went to the office to ask if any of the residence matched the description. I told her I knew of one and the lot they resided in for her to tell me yes they live there but are not the ones on the lease. Then why have you not got their info and done a check on them? She also told me she would not give me the information and several residence matched the description. To me they have NO interest in protecting us nor fixing the problem at hand. Today when I called management again about my lot rent and asked them if I made some sort of payment arrangement with them if they would wave the late fees. They then told me no. When I said so not only am I without my car (it was totaled in a hit and run) but now I need to be prepared to loose my home the manager said, No you just need to be prepared to pay our fees. What a crock of Sh*T. I understand as a business you are there to make money however when you are not protecting, listening to or communicating with your residence this chaos is what you get. nI do not recommend anyone ever move in here. They have been through more managers in the three years I have been there then I can count. They have no empathy and will tell you what you want to hear to rent to you or to get residence out of their office. I have made several calls to cooperate office in Denver, CO and asked the neighbor for the regional manager cell number and left message there. It has been almost two weeks without no return call.

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