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Ive had quite an issue with this company. The problem started back in March, when I tried to end my service. The end result did not turn out the way I had hoped for. I did sign up for their $68 something a month deal, but did not get any magazines in the whole month of March. As a matter of fact, I still have not gotten anything. I tried cancelling my subscription in late March, but they said that that would not be possible. According to them, there was a period of three days after my first confirmation call in which I needed to call back in order to end the subscription. Yet, I’m sitting there thinking “How could I call back when the number they used to call me would not directly call the company and would not answer half the time?”” I went online to find out more about this conpany and quickly realized it was a scam. So

I had my bank change my account and card number. This solution sorta worked

until the company kept calling me back constantly (And they still are)

insiting that I pay the overdo drafts (of a little over $2000) under the threat of them taking “”action.”” At this point

I am unsure what to do.”

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