American Public University System


This School is a scam and I dont undesrstand why they are still in business? | Why are they still getting funding? | Why are they able to send you around in circles in a pyramid scheme with substandered teachers who have no intention of teaching you, instead if you ask your instructor what to do what is expected they tell you they can’t tell you and this is OKAY? | This is the US we live in? | This school is horrible!!!!!!!!! | The instructors who you can’t see play muliple games with students and fail them so they can be stuck in the school and end up paying out of pocket. | My degree has been completely useless to me and I’m already fighting to have my loans discharged. They can play all the games they want, but with this much complaints, individuals SHOULD NOT have to pay them back at all given the uselessness of the degree, the substandard teaching, the lies, the deception, the revengeful way of dealing with students, and a whole host of other immature, disgusting practices. Luckily I kept proff of everything. If you go here, you are going to get what i’m saying but youll be to far in the pit to back away so best to just stay away and save your pockets and that headache you are definitely going to get.

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