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American Home Shield is a total Rip Off. They are impossible to reach when you call them on the 800 number and the wait is interminable. The contractors they use to do their work seem incompetent and un-knowledgable. I called them for a simple toilet leak and they sent a technician from Rite Away Services in Riverside to fix the problem. $60.00 later and the very next day the same problem re-occurred. The technician did not take the time to replace the faulty part, but merely tweaked the internal parts to make the leak stop temporarily. I called back the next day, and was told by Rite Away Services that the only time they could come back was two days later. In the mean time I was to live with a leaky toilet and precious water being wasted at several gallons an hour. Shoddy workmanship and incompetence seems to be their trademark. If you need service in the future, call a reputable company and plumber and save yourself the money to devious and specious marketing about getting insurance coverage from an irreputable company like American Home Shield. I have since cancelled my contract with them.Ravi Palm Desert, CA Internet United States of America

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