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Long story short: We moved into our 4500sq antique home April 2013. I called AHS for handful of plumbing issues, all of which could have been fixed in 2 visits tops. Jan 2014 and I’m still dealing with the fallout these issues. What it boils down to is that AHS does not have it’s end client in mind, and their structure incentivizes their technicians to prolong the work and create more issues in your home so that they can come back and charge more, I’ve gone through 3 technicians, all 3 had the same M.O. AHS looses out on this structure as well, so it makes no sense to me. Bottom line, I’m out $500, plus the cost of the plan, so over $1000. Not to mention countless hours on the phone with AHS, days where I was chained to the house because I had to wait for multiple and unnecessary technician visits, and aggravation. In the end, I would have been significantly better off without the plan, which on top of it all is limited and has all sorts of restrictions on it. Frankly, it’s the most useless thing you could do, and you might as well shoot yourself in the foot if you buy a plan with AHS.

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