American Hole ‘n One Complaint


American Hole in One Insurance Complaints against is that they run a scam against the American public using taxpayers dollars with GMC and TARP. What they do is charge double calling it a GMC Hole in One Insurance Golf program. In reality it is a double dip. They charge the local dealer the proper amount then charge GMC the same amount collecting double. This has been going on for years as you can get these services from other companies for almost 1/2 the price. Nice try that went on for years, but when GM went belly up one of the programs they looked at closely was the reckless spending in promotion. ALL Car dealers that have a conscience should avoid this program and go else ware. There are many companies that will charge you [protected]% less and have never been bailed out by the public. SImple reckless business. I worked for GM during this time and saw the reckless spending that they just looked the other way on this American Hole in One Insurance Scam

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