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This company ripped me off. I sent them $180 and after months of begging, I got half of it back. nThis is one of those rip off companies that pretends to be a health care program but in reality is just an association offering minimal discounts. nThe representative I spoke to before enrolling lied to me, stating this WAS health insurance, prompting me to drop my existing covergae. This is not health insurance. They do carry accidental death coverage, but absolutely no health insurance. nI have called and emailed repeatedly only to be told their “Mike”” department wasn’t on that day. Their entire cusomer service department consists of one guy named Mike

who is rarely there. nAfter confronted with the lies told me by the representative

and after contacting the BBB

and after 15 emails and over 35 phone calls

I was told I would never receieve my enrollment fee back. nIf there was EVER a company that deserved to be highlighted as a scam

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By Ronald

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