American Freight Furniture – Mattress auburndale Florida Review


Bought over $2,700 in furniture from Josh,boy he was so easy to get hold of when I bought the furniture and when I had complaints, you could never get him.I sat in the parking lot calling and they lied saying he wasn’t there, when he was sitting with a couple people.The furniture bought in May, broke, set up wrong and had to call Josh.They picked up and dropped off again.However whoever does their setting up, didn’t drill the tables right, so they are wobbly.Now, the furniture had bedbugs cant get hold of Josh.The only time he communicated was when corporate told him to,he never did.I went into the store Again, and he said he would swith out the bad furniture.Said he had another set in different color and had to wait for it to come in.This was 3 weeks ago.I told him come pick up this furniture, I don’t want it and give me a refund.His smart mouth in text, gives me corporate number to deal with, saying he is waiting on a truck, yes, well I was waiting to, Since may and it is now July. I want a full refund, & told him then he can come get this infested furniture, once I am issured a full refund. His response? Waiting for a truck…yeah right.Such Liars..I am a senior on a fixed income and feel I am taken advantage of.I want him to get this garbage out of my home immediately.

2240 Commerce Point Drive Lakeland, Florida USA


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By Ronald

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