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I put a layaway in on 7/17/15.After the intial $40 deposit The total was $2071.52 . The original delivery date was set for 10/11/15. I called and cancelled the delivery on the morning of 10/11/15 ,but I went into the store and I made a payment of $1,000. My new Balance was $1,071.52. On Thursday 5/19/16 I called to find out my balance and set up a new delivery date. I was told my items had been delivered on 12/16/15 . Furious, I asked where the items had been delivered. The associate then says ,”Oh

I see you took the money off the bedroom

living room and dinette and put it on 2 mattresses and you picked them up 12/16/15 . I said sir

you’ve obviously given my things to the wrong person

how did you allow someone to make account changes AND “”pick it up”” without them showing proper identification? He nonchalantly told me to come in the next day and the Store manager Damon Blount would be able to show me the tape

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By Ronald

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