American Express Travel Releted Service Company,Inc. Review


Went online to purchase a Bluebird card but their computer system continues to deny the registration. When I called their customer service, they could not determine the reason why for the system not completing the registration. The only think they could recommend is to purchase a temp card and register again. So I drive off to Walmart, purchase a temp card for $5 plus I was required to load money on the card so only loaded $1. I returned home to register online, now with a temp card only to receive the exact same error message. So I called customer service again and they still could not determine the reason for the system denying the registration online. So looks like this American Express Bluebird is a scam. The Bluebird card was marketed as if it works like a bank card, only to learn that the card does not have that automatic draft feature on the card and you can only load money and swipe on the card. Do not purchase the Bluebird card. its a waste and this is how American Express acquires money from customer by scamming them with false advertisement with their pre-paid cards. I wonder how much money American Express makes off of scamming customers. After reading the other reviews I am lucky only to be out of $6 ($5 for purchase and $1 for loading funds). Ill buy a candy bar and lose out of the $5 which I know they will not refund.


Name: American Express Travel Releted Service Company,Inc.

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 200 Vessey Street

Phone: 18774865990


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By Ronald

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