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I purchased a Sofa/sleeper the last week of Nov. 2008 with a one year warrantee. Upon delivery to my home I noticed nthat the paint was peeling off the legs. The reeason that the paint was pealing was obvious the metal legs were completly rusted under the paint. nSometime after christmass I noticed that the vynil was developing cracks in it. During the mionths of March and April the vynil began to peel off its nbacking and fall off the sofa. nI notified the store where it was purchased and they refered me to the manufactuer. On Apr 22 after placing many unreturned calls to the Mfg. I received a call from a person named Mike. I explained the problem and offered to send pictures in an E-Mail to him. He excepted and I followed through that night. nOn April 23 he called and said that I had used a chemical on the peice and would do nothing except for some consideration toward the purchase of a new one. I never used any chemicals on this peice. I am aware of how to clean and maintain vynil I am 65 years old. This furniture is obviously Mfg in China and arrived in this country defective. nArnoldnPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

107 Trumbull St. 13 Elizabeth, New Jersey U.S.A.

908-820 8878

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