American Bullion – They Took Half My Money

I purchased $40,000 in precious metals from American Bullion about 3 years ago. The salespeople that I dealt with were nice at first but turned out to be very deceitful. I found this out when I wanted to liquidate my purchase. | There was only $23,000 in my account. A representative told me that there were fees that applied to me liquidating and they took out a certain amount when I first invested with them. | The money did not match the market. It did not make sense for me to have lost half my money. They basically robbed me. I was promised a lot more at the start. My money has not been in good hands, and I wish that I could go back and keep my money instead. | American Bullion does a lot of cover-ups, obviously. I looked at their Yelp reviews and they literally argue with customers who have complaints and give them less than 5 stars. Do not trust this firm.

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