American Airlines Albuquerque New Mexico Review


No matter how cheap this airline is, do not use them. I was on their airlines last month (Dec., 2016) and not only witness harsh treatment but experienced as well. Trying to figure out how to get a sticky for my luggage to put on the plane, the woman helping me got annoyed and had attitude. On the flight, a woman sitting next to me was treated very badly by the flight attendant when she told her to get off the phone, stood in front of her and said, “Come on Come on

get off the phone””. Since I wasn’t getting off the flight due to my plane continuing on to my destination

they asked me to get off the flight so they could eat. As I was getting off the flight

I smiled at one of the employees who gave me a dirty look. I had to use the restroom and I hear my name being paged to get on the plane. When I get to the guy to him my boarding plane he had an attitude and said

“”Let’s get going”” and made some remark about me being late. One lady said they told her there was no room for her luggage when indeed

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