America Auto Care – Auto Care Just Wants Your Payments

I will never trust this kind of coverage again. There are apparently lots of hidden fees. I signed up for their coverage, when my cars warranty expired. They promised mem full coverage and a low rate that I would have to pay monthly. I was quoted at less than $100. It was the most I could afford and I made it clear to the representative that I spoke to. | The next month I was charged over $200. I discovered this when I took my car in to have the air conditioning fix because, of course, it broke down after my warranty expired. The facility that fix my car said that I was covered.When I called America Auto Care they said that the higher charge was because I had to take my car in. Isn’t that the point of having insurance?! So you do not have to worry auto those things?What’s worse is I am stuck in the payments. I have to deal with them for 17 more months.

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