AMC CLASSIC Johnson City 14 Review


Me and my sister drop our kids off to see Dead Pool. Her son is 21 and the other is 17 and my son is 15. They wanted to see Dead Pool. They called said they want let them in to see it that we have to be with them. So we go back get our tickets and them tickets to see Dead Pool. The girl manager Shealynn stopped ya and said we didn’t know them boys. We was just getting them tickets cause they ask us to buy them tickets so they could see the movie. We was humiliated in front of all the people. Them telling us we are lying. Than after we finally get into the movies. The girl calls the police and tells them that is not our kids. My son got so sick he started throwing up and we had to leave and didn’t even get to finish watching the movie. Which I paid knots 14.00 for each ticket paid 21.65 for each of us a drink and popcorn and candy. Cost me 84.00 to get in than another 100.00 in food and drinks. So I am out 184.00 and was called a lier and had the police called all because of a girl named Shealynn. She would not tell me who to speak too about what happened. Said nobody was above her . I want to talk to someone above that girl and I want my money back.


Name: AMC CLASSIC Johnson City 14

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Johnson

Address: 1805 N Roan St

Phone: 423-929-7155


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By Ronald

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