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She went and got into the middle of a relationship. The girl and guy were engaged for three years and starting a family. They have a boy together and when all this happened they had another on the way. It started when the girl got a call from her cousin saying she had something to say. She had found out that Tristan, the guy was hanging out with this Amber Vanfossan chick. So she decided to message her and ask. Well Amber was saying they were dating and more. That they have been for a while she went on saying how Tristan played the both of them but the story wasn’t adding up. Like at all, she called Tristan because she had found out and was hurt. Amber was messaging her all this stuff saying how they slept together and they were dating she stayed over at the house every night. Since his fiancé moved out because Tristans dad didn’t want her there she lived some where else with her little boy. All her stuff was still at Tristans dad house. It was sad what happened because Amber had said messed up sh*t like telling Tristan that the little boy that him and his fiancé had together looked nothing like him. That she cheated trying to get him away. They did all this while his fiancé was 8 months pregnant. He was very hurtful to his fiancé this whole time. Amber said that Tristans dad and mom loved her. That they loved that they were together. Going more on, his fiancé said she deserve to know everything asked why he cheated and he kept saying he didn’t. Then she told him that America was saying they did and stuff and she sent everything amber sent to her to him. She is trying not to cry because she found out the day before her baby shower. She hasn’t had a good baby shower yet. It hurts her that he did that and ruined her shower with the baby they planned to bring into the world. She was done hearing what Amber had to say. It was starting to destroy her more and more. So she blocked her. Well Amber got her number. She has no idea how Amber got her number. Amber started to text her and wouldn’t stop. She said they had a bond with Isaac his first born and not with his other one so she didn’t care about him and was saying Tristan said the same. Tristan and his fiancé talked and decided to stay together. She thought to try and trust him again even after Amber during that time was saying she was pregnant or praying she wasn’t pregnant with his kid. So Miriah decided to trust Tristan because he swore and promised she was really just a friend and they hung out in groups. He had two friends text her and also text her from a different number pretend to be his friend asking when they would be together and why they aren’t dating anymore. Saying they would make a cute couple to get her to admit she was lying. Well she ended up telling his friend/Tristan they never slept together she didn’t trust him and knew she would get hurt and went on saying why she said they were together to me is that to hurt me and all the mean stuff that was said to her. His fiancé doesn’t trust anything or believe anything so she doesn’t even know if that is true if they really did sleep together or not. He swears they didn’t, so him and her came to an agreement about it to keep her far away from their life. She thought they were and was healing a little. Well turns out he was still talking to her. They went to Klamath for his birthday, and he was texting her up there while they were celabrating his birthday. She didn’t find out they were still talking until the day of her birthday. She called his sister and was crying asking for information of custody. She only found all that out because a random number text her saying stop I’m pregnant. Well She doesn’t know why amber text her that she thought it was because she was adding pictures to her instangram of the family and when their son was a baby of all them together. Well come to find out while Amber and Tristan were hanging out together Amber started to follow her on Instagram. She was pissed when she found out Amber was following her. So she blocked her on there to. Tried to make a report because of her getting his fiancé number and now texting and just being strange. They said they couldn’t do anything. Tristan swears amber was crazy for him, his mom was pissed when she found out what was going on. She said she doesn’t understand it because when they went to Klamath to have his sons mom served papers Tristan was talking about putting them up in a home before their new baby came and so their other son had a home and they can live together again. She said Amber was sitting right there when they were talking about it. It’s horriable that this has ever happen. His fiancé went and got custody papers on her 24th birthday debabting to turn them in. They are in with her bra and underwear. She doesn’t trust him. She even had another guy one of his friends name chance write her back after she confronted him, asking why he would do that. He said Amber was obsessed with Tristan and wanted him so he tried getting them together and that why they don’t hang out any more because he said he was bad for him and they mad bad choices. She doesn’t understand anything she doesn’t trust. She doesn’t understand why amber would do this knowing all about her. I have pictures of her instagram agter the last time she had found out and his fiancé blocked amber. She is hurt because she doesn’t know if Amber is telling the truth or not. Or if Tristan is. She thought Tristan would never do anything like this but he did. They are still working on their relationship but it is hard very hard…. every one says Amber is just obsessed but she still doesn’t know. She is choosing to believe that but still doesn’t trust. She wishes amber gets her karma and something would make her feel better.

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