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After 10 years of marriage my husband told me that he no longer loved me and that he wanted a divorce. Prior to this I had noted conversations between him and this woman on Facebook. Some of the conversations didn’t seem too appropriate. She and her husband had been friends of ours for a few years. He swore to me that nothing was going on between the two of them. He began changing his passwords. He never locked his phone but never let it leave his side. I checked our cell phone records and found that there were numerous texts being sent daily, usually late at night and early morning when I was in bed. On many occasions he said he was”working late”. One night I was able to get his phone and I found a message from her that hadn’t been deleted yet. The text had hearts all across the screen. || He still swears he didn’t leave me for her but now they’re living together. They both devastated my family and hurt me deeply.

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