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We had been married for 10 years with 2 kids when this woman entered our lives. She pretended to be my friend while over the course of 6 months she was flirting with my ex-husband when I wasn’t around. She would tell him sob stories about how her husband was beating her and wouldn’t give her money to feed her their kids. My ex-husband, who hates to see anyone suffer, fell for it hard. He started by loaning her $20 every now and then until I put a stop to it. That’s when they started going behind my back. He started paying for her electric bill and car insurance because she couldn’t get to work otherwise and what about her kids? Then she started coming up with creative ways to pay him back. First was some naughty pictures and then that morphed into quickies in the back of her car. || The sad part is I didn’t know any of this until the overdue bills started piling up. In his need to save someone else he led his wife and kids to lose their home. I’m sure my family isn’t the first she has wrecked. Please don’t let her wreck yours too.

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By Ronald

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